Monday, November 19, 2007

4 Years Ago

We saw our lovely Olivia's face for the first time. It was so surreal to finally see the face of the child that was to become our daughter. I could not believe it when I got the call. I had been e-mailing with a fellow travel mate that I guess our calls weren't coming that day -- most of our DTC group had gotten their calls 2 days before. I had no sooner typed the words "I know it's all in God's timing but try telling that to my heart." when the receptionist told me that Suzanne was on the phone and I realized that it was "the call". I quickly typed the sentence "I'm on the call right now get ready" to Susan. I took the call and found out that we were referred an 8.5 month old Long Fu Yu, currently residing in the Suichuan County WI in the JiangXi Province. She was a little peanut (and still is) weighing only 12 pounds. I told Suzanne that I would be at the agency in a few hours to see her precious pictures and to get the rest of the referral information. I looked for David and couldn't find him -- of all times not to answer his cell phone! I couldn't find my (then) best friend as she was going to drive me to the agency and take pictures of me getting the referral. I finally found David at the gym and said "Hey Daddy!" I talked him into riding with us to the agency with a stop in Frankfort. Seeing her picture for the first time was such a thrill. Just looking at her I knew she was the one for us.

Olivia is a rambunctious child. She can get into more and make more messes in the shortest amount of time. She is a head-strong, stubborn child. She is not a real graceful child -- she falls and trips over anything and everything. She is also a loving child. She loves fiercely. She talks ALL. THE. TIME. She loves gymnastics and is on the developmental team.


  1. Happy referral day Miss Olivia!! I can't believe it's already been 4 years. Have fun celebrating with your sweet family today!!

  2. Awe, happy family day, Olivia! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Happy Family Day...she is even more beautiful now : ) We are all truly blessed!

  4. Happy referral anniversary from your Feb Firecracker friend! Can't believe it has been 4 years since we were not-so-patiently waiting for our referrals! :-)

    Lisa S

  5. Four years it goes so fast. Happy referral DAY.
    Just reading about yours brings back so many memories.

    You are blest with two beautiful daughters

  6. Happy referral Day!! It is amazing how you can remember every detail of that day. Truly one of the most important days in our lives!!! Can't wait to hear how you celebrate Olivia's family day!

  7. I remember seeing Olivias referral pics and just thinking how perfect she was and how lucky you were to have her !!! She is just as perfect as ever today and you are so blessed to have her.



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