Wednesday, May 21, 2008

7 points....

This is what your face looks like when you realize you lost by just 7 points! David drives trucks for a living and this past Saturday our state had their State Truck Driving Championship. Unfortunately this is the only photo I got from that day. I did have a few pics of him driving but they called another persons name so I didn't think it was really him and I erased the photos. Turned out it was him and he did great -- probably because I wasn't watching! At the banquet, they announced that there were only 7 points separating the top 2 finishers in his class. He came in second! I was so proud of him. If he had won, he'd have gone to the National Championship and this year it is in Houston, Texas. I was a little leery of him winning because the Nationals are usually around the first week of school in August meaning I'd either miss his competition or Olivia's first day of Kindergarten. But one great thing about the Nationals being in Houston I could have tried hard to meet my awesome e-friend Marla for the very first time! Also, I would have been able to meet up with a travel mate from Olivia's adoption. Oh well, I am still very proud of my hubby!

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  1. Awwww man! I demand a recount!!! :( Oh well, y'all will just have to come here anyway solely for the reason of seeing me. :)


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