Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My dear friend Julie of http://emmaandtheboys.blogspot.com tagged me a few days ago so here it is:

So here are the rules...post three things about yourself...link to the person who tagged you and tag 5 other bloggers (let them know by posting a comment on their blog).

1.) I absolutely hate to put clothes away and I have no idea why. I manage through though....

2.) I have every Danielle Steel book in hardback.

3.) I am working on scrapbooks for both girls and I am in the year 2006.

I know they aren't very interesting.

I am tagging:

Marla at http://lifewith4js.blogspot.com

Natalie at http://planetandersons.blogspot.com

Michelle at http://hannaclan.blogspot.com

Colleen at http://ccyoung.wordpress.com

Laura at http://thegrowingwarehouse.blogspot.com

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