Friday, July 11, 2008

Off to the beach!!

Today we headed toward Myrtle Beach. We stopped for the night in Spartanburg, SC. I usually don't take my laptop but since one of my best friends is in China right now adopting her third daughter I had to bring it. I know she would disown me if I didn't check in on her daily. LOL. Well I also had hoped to update the blog with pictures while we were at the beach but sadly I didn't bring my camera cord so the pics will have to wait. I knew I was forgetting something!

Today was also the last of the swim lessons. Olivia jumped off the diving board without being caught and swam to the ladder with little help from her teacher. We are so proud of her! Sophia did well to and hopefully will do better next year.


  1. Have a great trip girl!! Can't wait to see pics and chat when you get back!!

  2. Have a great trip! We are headed to Emerald Isle, NC on Saturday. We're looking forward to beach time again.

    Glad your girls enjoyed swim lessons. Anna Grace has learned to swim this summer; Abby is almost there. We try and hit the pool everyday---weather permitting of course!

    Looking forward to the beach pics when you get home!!!

  3. That darn camera gets ya everytime....your the second person this week I came across that forgot the cord!

    Can't wait to see the pics....Have Fun!


  4. Have a great time at the beach! The weather should be just beautiful (we just returned today from Virginia and the weather there was so nice...I didn't want to leave lol)

  5. Hope you are having a super time at the beach!!!! We'll look for photos next week!


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