Monday, July 07, 2008

Swim lessons

Well, the girls started swim lessons last week and they finish them up this week although we did miss one lesson last week due to Olivia having strep throat and Sophia waking up with a bark like cough. Olivia is improving on what she learned last year and Sophia is just getting started. The water is cold and we've had much crying and getting in and out of the pool but since we have a pool in the backyard not taking (or finishing) lessons is not an option.
Sophia with her teacher (in blue):
Olivia jumping off the diving board:


  1. Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving that beautiful comment (I have booked marked yours for return visits).

    I can't believe that is your girl Olivia out there on the diving board...and jumping in! That is one brave littel girl!

  2. Think back to 5 years ago when we were just waiting on our precious girls. Glad I took the time to look up your blog. Enjoy that pool. We love using Grandma's next door.
    Robbie, a Feb. Firecracker mom
    mom to Josie-Tatum
    and 3 more great kids!


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