Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where did my baby go? (and other stuff)

Sophia has just gone and grown up on me this summer. She is now 3.5 and is doing different things at this age than Olivia did. There is even one thing that she's doing that Olivia can't do. Sophia is swinging all by herself. She can get started and it is her favorite thing to do. Olivia was 4.25 yo before she figured this out. She can also snap her fingers and she is actually quite good at it. This is the thing that Olivia can't do and although she does try hard she just can't get it down. Sophia has really been missing Olivia since she's started school but in just over a week it will be her turn.

Olivia had another good day at school. She is very proud of the fact that she didn't get any "sticks" which makes mommy happy too. Sticks is the new discipline thing for this year. Last year they gave red, yellow or green stamps/cards but this year have changed. Today they had PE and that must have worn her out because she fell asleep on the couch while I made dinner tonight. Poor little thing.

I wanted to give an update on our dog. Snowball was diagnosed with a heart murmur and the medicine is helping some. I took him back last week and they did a chest x-ray for which I got the results yesterday. They are now telling me he has early heart failure. From what I have read that this is fairly treatable but my main concern is that it is cutting off his air supply when he does go into his "episodes" which are still happening more than I like. There is something pushing his trachea up and cutting off his oxygen. We have an appointment to take him tomorrow to see what all our options are. The vet said he may give him another medication on top of the ones he's already taking.


  1. I am so envious that Sophia can pump on the swing by herself! Wow! Sounds like she is pretty accomplished for a three year old.

    Sorry to hear that your poor dog is having troubles. I hope the vet is able to make him well.

  2. Wow, swinging by herself at 3.5, that is impressive ! Can Sophia come encourage Audrey and Rachel ;-) Sorry to hear about poor snowball, hope to hear his medications start working soon.


  3. Poor puppy! I hope that the doctor is able to help him feel better. I'm so glad that Olivia is enjoying school! And wow... Sophia swinging by herself really is impressive. It seems to me that kids really change and grow up SO much between their 3rd and 4th birthdays.

  4. Francesca can too pump all by herself on the swing (and I too find that pretty amazing, way to go Sophia!). It is such a joy to read that Olivia is enjoying school too, but I have to is the mom taking it all? (I so know I am going to be worse than the kids when they go off for the first time). Hope you all are having a great weekend!

  5. Glad to hear the Olivia is loving school....and Sophia.....what a big girl swinging by herself!

    I hope you get some good news about the puppy!


  6. So sorry about your puppy news -- hears hoping you receive a good report from the vet.

    As to your little ones who aren't so little anymore -- all I can do is repeat what everyone tells me, "don't blink or you'll miss it!"


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