Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are you a chatter box?

Olivia is and has always been quite the talker. She started talking at about 15 months old and has not stopped. She has gotten in trouble a few times in school this year for talking. At first I was upset about it but someone said at least she is making herself known. She said I don't think the teachers know who my child is as he is so quiet. Anyway, I saw this shirt that said chatter box on it at Gap and it made me think of Olivia so I bought it for her. She has worn it to school a few times. I saw Olivia's teacher at the school's fall festival and she asked me if Olivia told me what happened one time she wore this shirt. I said no and was quite cautious about what I was going to hear. Well, apparently they had an assembly with an author that lives here and the author saw her shirt. So she asked Olivia if she was a chatter box and guess what Olivia's answer was......It was "No, I'm Chinese." I thought this was so cute! Oh how I love this girl!


  1. That deserves at least a little giggle. Very cute!

  2. Oh how cute!! I have a chatterbox too. Maybe I need to head to Gap to find the same shirt. :-)

    Anna Grace has gotten in trouble as well recently for her continuous talking. So I am right there with you!!

  3. That is so cute!!

    I love that shirt...I bet Olivia looks adorable in it!

  4. Hee Hee! Funny she can't be both the chatterbox and a Chinese cutie! Sounds like the perfect tee - I bet her teacher had a big chuckle when O walked in wearing that t-shirt!!!

  5. Oh how funny! What a cutie. Rachel needs one of those shirts, too!


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