Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A new issue.....

There is something going on in my sweet Sophia's head that I wish I knew what it was. She has been waking up in the middle of the night for about a month and a half maybe longer. She would go back to bed but she heard some friends talking about sleeping in their parents room if it stormed and so she wanted to do that. So I agreed that if it rained/stormed she could sleep in my floor. Well she is coming in our room every night and most nights I don't even know she's there. She sleeps on the floor between my side of the bed and the dresser. I tried putting down a blanket so she would have something softer to sleep on but she put it back on the cedar chest it had been on before. What is it about sleeping on the hard floor in my room she likes so much? She has also still clingy at drop-off for school. She hold onto my leg and doesn't want to stay but if I leave the room she is fine. I don't know if it is a separation anxiety she's going through or what. My MIL picked Sophia up at school last Wednesday and when she got home she kind of cried, hugged me hard and said "Mommy, I missed you so much."


  1. Poor Sohphia! It does sound like something more than night terrors...

    We went through this with Nick when I was sick....he cried everytime I left him or when I dropped him off at school....even when I was better, he had a tough time..but we knew the reason, he was afraid that something bad was going to happen to me.

    It does sound like some kind of separation anxiety... Has anything changed around the house??

    I am not really sure on this one Becky....Sorry I couldn't be of more help...I will be anxious to see what others suggest.

    Please keep us posted

  2. Love your new look....

    Poor baby...who knows what goes through their little minds. Remember the beds in China...maybe she liked them too : )

    Hope it gets better sweetie

  3. Poor thing, I can't imagine what starts these things sometimes. I think I told you about Jack's sudden fear of the dark, it just came out of nowhere.

    Sounds like she's just a little insecure right now for some reason. I hope it passes and that she's back in her comfy bed soon!

  4. The blog looks awesome!! Love the fall theme + colors!

    Hope Sophia works through this or opens up a little to tell you what is bothering her. And that soon she is back to her bed instead of the floor!

  5. Oh, I am sorry you guys are going through this! We have been there, and it is quite upsetting.

    I wish I could point to one thing that helped Bean through her last spell, but other than lots of love and reassurance, we pretty much just waited her out. Here's hoping she works through it quickly.


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