Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a very happy halloween! My girls will (most likely) not be going out tonight but don't worry they have plenty of halloween candy! We went to the zoo earlier this month and our church had a fall festival complete with Trunk or Treat. Going door to door with my kids is just not something I am very comfortable with. It is different these days than they were when I was a young kid. Also, we do not live in a subdivision so I would have to drive to one somewhere. Olivia has only gone out once and that was in 2004. I did go to a friend's neighborhood (no longer friends) then but in 2005 we were in China getting Sophia. My kids are so scared of a lot of the decorations and costumes that it is way easier to stay home. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post -- Sophia's family day!


  1. Very sweet pictures!! I understand not being in a neighborhood. When we lived in PA, we were not in a neighborhood either so had to drive quite a ways to trick or treat.

    I'll bet they had fun at the zoo and at the fall festival!!

  2. The girls look adorable in their costumes.

    Happy Halloween!


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