Saturday, November 01, 2008

3 years ago today.....

.....this lovely girl was placed in our arms! It is hard to believe that 3 years has gone by. Sophia is a funny, smart, beautiful little girl that loves her family, gymnastics and sports. Some things about Sophia:

She's counting to 20 skipping 15 just like her big sister!
She loves to color and she is actually quite good for her age.
She loves her Leapster and has learned so much.
She is really starting to play with baby dolls all the time.
She has quite a temper at times.
She is currently 36 pounds and is about 40 inches tall.
She is working on writing her letters. Her teachers are commenting about how good she is. Of course I think having a sister in Kindergarten is helping a ton with this.

We are hoping to go out tonight to celebrate her Family Day but that might have to be on hold. Olivia started getting a fever last night and complained of a tummy ache. She still had the fever this morning so we went to the doctor and came away with a positive strep culture and a precription. She still has a fever and if it doesn't go away soon we won't be going out tonight. I had planned on taking the girls to a local forest/park today for a photo shoot but with Olivia being sick we decided to put that on hold. I am hoping that Sophia doesn't get sick too as she slept in Olivia's room for the first time last night. Even sleeping with Olivia didn't help the coming into our room. She still came in there about 5:44 this morning. I hope I will have some pictures of Sophia from today to post later tonight but for now enjoy these two -- one from Family Day in 2005 and the other from the end of September.


  1. Happy Family Day!!

    Sophia is such a beautiful little girl!

    You are blessed Becky!

    Hope that Olivia gets well so that you can celebrate the big day!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Happy Family Day! I love seeing the picture of Sophia from 3 years ago... what a little cutie she is. I hope that Olivia feels better soon...and that no one else gets sick!

  3. Happy Family Day to Miss Sophia!! Sorry Liv is feeling yucky, I hope she is better soon so y'all can celebrate!

  4. Happy Family Day! Sophia is such a beauty. I hope Olivia feels well enough to go out for dinner tonight. (And I am amazed at how tall Sophia is! Linlee is only 37 inches.)

  5. Happy Family Day Sophia! She is such a cute girl.

    I hope Olivia gets to feeling better soon. Its not fun being sick.

  6. Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! Melissa

  7. Happy Family Day!! I hope Olivia feels better soon so you can really head out and celebrate. :)

  8. Sophia just continues to get cuter and cuter! It's hard to believe it's been three years, yet it seems like forever. We miss you guys! The Logues

  9. Happy Forever Family Day sweet Sophia!

    Enjoy the week and have lot's of fun.

    Ivy and Baby Kira

  10. Hope you had a wonderful Family Day - she is growing up to be a very lovely girl. I hope that the sickness has not spread around the house.

  11. Boy, time sure does fly by when you are having fun (it will be 3 years for us with Francesca).

  12. Happy Family Day!!!! Amazing it has been 3 years already! Enjoy that sweet, funny, silly little girl!! And I hope jie jie is feeling better w/ her meds....and that Sophia didn't get sick!


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