Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Grandmother turned 90......

Last Saturday my Grandmother turned 90! We had a dinner for her at Huber's which is where we celebrated her 80th birthday too. David and I did not get to stay for all of it as his truck driving championship was the same day and we had to go to the banquet to see if he won. Well he did not win but he did come in second again.
The Birthday girl:

My niece Alexis:

My nephew Luke:

My neice and nephew Bailee and Josh:

My step-greatniece Diamond:

Sophia and Olivia in one of Daddy's trucks:

Sophia and Grandpa (David's dad) sharing a secret:


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet grandma! Love all the family pics

  2. Cute!!! Happy Birthday to your grandmother!!! 90?!?! WOW!! She looks awesome!


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