Thursday, June 04, 2009

My baby brother and his family....

I took some pictures for my baby brother and his family over the weekend. I spent all day Tuesday editing them. Of course no photo shoot is complete without a few with my girls in there too. My sister in law's sister wants me to take photos of her and her boyfriend. I hope to do them this weekend but we will have to find a different location as my favorite father in law actually CUT his hay today and they really wanted that background. Silly me thinking that the rain would stop him but sadly it didn't. I think I have a business name thanks to my wonderful mentor but I have to wait to actually talk to her before I announce it! Also my Canon Rebel XTi is still for sale.
My beautiful nephew Luke
Olivia, Alexis and Sophia
Luke playing with his hat!
They loved this pose....
My brother Denny and his sons
My baby brother and his family


  1. You did a great job on these Becky!!! And I love the new name, too. :)

  2. Great job Becky!!! Way to go!!!! Oh, and feel free to practice on my dumplings any ol' time ya' please :-)

  3. Great picture, what a good looking family.

  4. These pics are great Becky!! I am lovin this field......I bet you were devastated that your father in law cut it:( Can't wait to hear your new exciting!!! I know you will do so well with your new venture!

  5. These are fantastic. Can't wait to hear the name of your new photog business. I think you'll do great!


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