Saturday, June 06, 2009

Photo session at "the Doors"

When we had our Bloggy dinner in the 'Ville in April, Felicia took us to a place in Anchorage that was way cool. It had these wooden doors and neat rock walls and I have been itching to go back. I had hoped that we would go last week when Missy came back to town but sadly she couldn't make it. Olivia's last day of school was Wednesday and it rained all day Thursday so Friday came and we headed out for the day not really knowing where we were going to go but knew it was going to include a photo shoot. We ended up going to lunch with my mom (Hi Nini!) and we were in the area of "the doors" so we went. I have some photos edited but several more I need to work on. I would have loved to have taken more but someone needed to go to the restroom even though she had just gone at the restaurant. My mom has been asking me when she is going to get to see these photos so I will post a few. I hope Lisa comes to town again so she can do a photo shoot at the doors while you have some good light although she can rock it with a flash now!
The girls in B&W
Olivia and her reflection
Sophia reflection
What a ham...
What a striking pose...


  1. Love these! Those "doors" are just the best photo backdrop!

  2. These are amazing, your girls are adorable and love the location!

  3. I agree...that's a great backdrop and an excuse to go back there after dinner! Funny how after a workshop we're always looking at walls, doors, cement, gates, etc for the perfect backdrop. Love these photos and the PP.
    Did you buy Deb's presets? Just wondering...thinking about it but need to add some other things to my camera bag.

    The girls are as sweet as ever. Love those smiles and great poses!



  4. Great pictures, I cant wait to go back!

  5. Hello,

    I just found your blog via Kim at 3 Peanuts.

    It grabbed my attention that your girls are from Jiangxi. Our oldest daughter is from Shangrao (Ling Baby) which is in the Jiangxi Prov. Are your girls from there?

    Great photos.

    Take care, Michele

  6. Oh Wow!!! I love them. They are great.

  7. Beautiful photos....again!
    And, of course, beautiful girls,

  8. Great pics, Becky!!! I don't know how I missed these. Your girls are so pretty! I wish I was able to come visit, but will definitely try and make it soon. I love your pp!

  9. What a fun pace to take pictures! The girls look like they're having a lot of fun there too.


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